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My name is Darrell Pierce, Owner and Operator for over 19 years. If you're looking for live entertainment   f​or your special event, then you have come to the right place. Sinsational Music Entertainment offers live music for variety of occasions such as Wedding/Receptions, Private parties, and more.

We offer a hands on planning experien​ce to allow you to get involved as much as you want. Have an opinion you want to share? We always take your request into account.  From family reunions to house parties, we will help you throw a remarkable event that your guests will never forget.



Let me tell you how I started my DJ career. All my life I've had a passion for music which led me to channel my love for music through the turntables.  I wouldn't call it practice but I had fun playing music for my friends when I had house parties in the past. Then one day a friend asked me to DJ his wedding in year 2003. I didn't want to because I only had house equipment and felt I would embarrass myself doing such an event. My friend stated, " I don't care about that, you can mix on the turntables and you play good music".  Because of him I did it and I have been DJing to this day. From house system in the beginning to a professional system of today was because of my friend who believed in me.

My Short Story

Please Contact Me For More Information & Booking.

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